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Device Driver Fiddler (Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 & Windows 2000)

Writing Device Drivers? Perhaps playing with Cypress Semiconductor's USB Starter Kit? If so, the Device Driver Fiddler allows you to test DeviceIOCommand() Calls before you write your User Mode Application. . . .

The Device Driver Fiddler saves the device name and your current IO Control Code into the registry, so your not forever entering in these details.

Download the Device Driver Fiddler 163KB
Device Driver Fiddler Screen Capture

Windows NT Device Driver Installer (New Version)

The Driver Install Utility for Windows NT 4 & Windows 2000 prevents making testing of your newly written drivers a chore. Simply fill in the driver name and it's location and your given the option of Installing, Starting, Stoping and Uninstalling your device driver. Once again, this utility remembers your previous driver details.

After the success of the previous version, users commented the information boxes where annoying, and that it would be good to be able to reload the driver (stop, uninstall, reinstall, start) after a new version of your driver has been built. This new version has a status line, showing any successful or failed attempts with loading your driver.

Download the Windows NT Device Driver Installer 160KB

Device Driver Remover for Windows 95 & Windows 98

Writing PNP device drivers under Windows 95 or 98? The Remove Driver Utility follows Microsoft's directions layed out in the Device Driver Kit, to remove all traces of your device driver. This allows Windows to ask for a new driver once the device is plugged in again. Great for USB WDM Device Driver Programming.

Download the Device Driver Remover 161KB

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