Beyond Logic

Console Computer Information Utility for 2000/XP

Want a quick console utility to display the hardware specifications of a PC including :
  • Number of Processors, Processor Type and Speed
  • Operating System and Service Pack Version
  • Physical and Virtual Memory plus Memory Load
  • Network Card, MAC Address, IP, DNS, Gateway and WINs Addresses
  • Logical Drive information including Volume Size, Serial Number, Label and Free Bytes
  • Video Card Type
  • Hard Disk and CDROM Information
  • Installed Printers

Unlike a GUI based program, the output can be piped to file for quick storage and/or later appraisal. Likewise it can be used in conjunction with BeyondExec to get details of remote computers.

Designed for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Limited support for Windows NT4.

Please enquire about our Silent ODBC SQL version which logs all details to a central database. Supports Microsoft SQL and mySQL.

BeyondInfo V1.1 for 2000/XP
Copyright 2001-2003

General :
 Computer Name : NEPTUNE
 Operating System : Windows 2000 build 2195
 Service Pack : Service Pack 4

 Number of Processors Installed : 1
 Processor 1 CPUID      : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz
 Processor 1 Identifier : x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4
 Processor 1 Type       : Pentium IV (0.13 um)
 Processor 1 Speed      : 2205 MHz

Memory :
 Installed Memory : 512 Mbytes
 Virtual Memory   : 2047 Mbytes
 MemoryLoad       : 43%

Network :
 Description : Accton EN1207D/EN2242A Series NDIS 5.0 driver
 Mac Address : 00:00:E8:8B:D5:D7
 IP Address  :
 Gateway     :
 Primary WINS Server :
 Secondary WINS Server :
 DNS Server  :,

Drive Information :
 Drv Type             Label     Type Serial No.   Free Space     Disc Size Full
 A:\ Removable
 C:\ Fixed       Local Disk     NTFS 7073-C458      25,961MB      38,162MB  31%
 E:\ Fixed            Win2k     NTFS E43E-47F3      27,545MB      39,997MB  31%
 F:\ Fixed             Junk     NTFS 7073-C458       1,835MB       2,047MB  10%
 G:\ Fixed             Data     NTFS 9C03-B1B3          52MB      20,002MB  99%

VideoCards :
 DeviceName : \\.\DISPLAY1
 Display    : WinFast GeForce2 MX Series (Primary Device)
 DeviceName : \\.\DISPLAY3
 Display    : NetMeeting driver

Physical Disk Information:

 TID Device                  Version  Type
  0  WDC WD800JB-00CRA1      17.0     Direct Access Device
  1  WDC WD400BB-00AUA1      18.2     Direct Access Device

 TID Device                  Version  Type
  0  SONY    CD-RW  CRX140E  1.0s     CDROM Device (Removable)
  1  PIONEER DVD-RW  DVR-106D1.06     CDROM Device (Removable)

Hard Drive Information :

 Primary Controller - Master drive :
 Model Number     : WDC WD800JB-00CRA1
 Serial Number    : WD-WMA8E2668332
 Firmware Version : 17.07W17
 Buffer Size      : 8192 Kbytes
 Drive Size       : 80.026 GB

 Primary Controller - Slave drive :
 Model Number     : WDC WD400BB-00AUA1
 Serial Number    : WD-WMA6R3968519
 Firmware Version : 18.20D18
 Buffer Size      : 2048 Kbytes
 Drive Size       : 40.020 GB

CDROM Information :

 Product ID         : CD-RW  CRX140E
 Type               : ATAPI Burner
 Read Capabilities  : CD-R, CD-RW
 Write Capabilities : CD-R, CD-RW

 Product ID         : DVD-RW  DVR-106D
 Type               : ATAPI Burner
 Read Capabilities  : CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R
 Write Capabilities : CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R

Printers (2 Installed):

 Printer Name : Fax
  Driver Name : Windows NT Fax Driver
    Port Name : MSFAX:

 Printer Name : Brother HL-730 (600 dpi)
  Driver Name : Brother HL-730 (600 dpi)
    Port Name : LPT1:


  • Version 1.01, 22K bytes. (Freeware)
    • Revision History
      • 10th November 2003 - Version 1.01
        • Added reporting of CDROM/DVD Supported Media and Capabilities
      • 22nd April 2002 - Version 1.00
        • First release to public.

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    Copyright 2002-2007 Craig Peacock - 6th April 2007.